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Are you ready to get a little twisted?

Are you ready to get a little twisted?

Are you ready to get a little twisted?Are you ready to get a little twisted?

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What do I need to bring to class?

If you have a mat, bring it.  If you do not have a mat, or if you forgot it, we have mats that are free to use.

**We also have upgraded sticky mats available for rent for $2 per class**

Bring a water bottle, and a towel.  Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in - yoga pants and a fitted dry fit tank or shirt are customary.

Take your shoes off prior to walking into the yoga studio, and place them under the bench or in the cubbies.

Find your spot, sit down, and relax.  Congratulations for taking time for yourself!

Do I have to sign up for classes?

Signing up for classes ahead of time helps your instructor to prepare for class, and as we get busier in the season it helps to saves your spot in class.  Not to mention, we look forward to seeing you when we know you are coming!

That being said - it is not required to sign up prior to class.  As long as there is space we would love to have you join us for some mat time.  Getting to class5-10 minutes before it starts gives us time to get you set up, and time for you to settle in.

I have paid for a membership or package and the app is asking me to pay again.

Chances are pretty good you may have a duplicate profile with the system.  Think of it like an evil twin, or a misbehaving doppleganger.  Just come on in to class a few minutes early and we will take care of it for you.

What do I need for Hot Classes?

 Bring a towel (preferable a non slip towel meant for yoga) water, and if you have one, a yoga mat.  We have mats here for use, but they are generic mats - it is important that you have a mat towel to absorb your sweat.  Look for mats that are made for grip/hot yoga/"sticky".

What should I wear for a hot yoga class?

During class your  body will detoxify and work on cooling you down by sweating. The  combination of heat, moderate humidity, and sweat means most people will  be completely wet and will want to wear the hot yoga equivalent of a  bathing suit: for women, a sports bra and compression shorts, and for  men, compression shorts. Loose clothing like shirts will get cumbersome  as they get saturated with sweat and can also get in the way of  breathing during inversion postures. Loose shorts will not provide full  coverage during some postures unless a compression garment is worn  underneath. If you wish to keep a shirt on during your hot yoga class,  then cotton material is not ideal for this type of yoga practice. A  form-fitting tank top of breathable material is advised.

How many hot yoga classes should I take in a week?

Ideally,  a happy medium number is 3 days per week. Based on scientific studies,  it takes 7 days for your body to acclimate to training in the higher  heat and humidity levels found in hot yoga studios. When you don't come  for a week or more, your body has to start from the beginning again.  However, different bodies react differently to heat, so it is important  to listen to what your body is telling you and build your tolerance at a  schedule that is healthy for you.

Can I do hot yoga in combination with my other fitness activities i.e. weight training, running, cross fit, etc.

Yes,  in fact a regular yoga practice will often improve your level of  performance in other activities in your life. Yoga will often work on  the slow twitch fibers in your muscles as opposed to the fast twitch  fibers that are worked when doing weight training, running, etc. Yoga  also works on lengthening the muscles of the body with various forms of  stretching (static, dynamic, PNF, etc.), thereby counteracting any  shortening of muscles caused by some sports activities.

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