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Are you ready to get a little twisted?

Are you ready to get a little twisted?

Are you ready to get a little twisted?Are you ready to get a little twisted?

A Little About Us


Nicole Deitrick

Nicole graduated from Heartwood 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with the intention of learning how to better run a small yoga studio in her day spa North River Body Therapies.  A Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999, and a Certified Business and Life Coach since 2007,  she became fascinated at looking yoga through the eyes of a massage therapist and how the heart of yoga and coaching are so similar.  

Nicole's style of teaching is a blend of alignment and exploration, encouraging her students to find the place in their body where the pose feels good.  Her classes tend to have a Dharma (or life lesson) theme and time willing, she likes to include aromatherapy and mini massages at the end of class.


Emily Carr-Osborne

Emily studied and practiced yoga for 20 years.  Her background includes such styles as: Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Arial, Chair, and Ashtanga Yoga.  She enjoyed studying with Baron Baptiste and Beryl Bender Birch and also studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India with Patabi Joyce. She completed Level 1 and 2 Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Fit and then finished her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Heartwood Yoga in Bradenton.  Emily is also certified elementary teacher (K-6), with a Bachelor's in Art Education and a Master's in Elementary Education from Lesley University.  She has taught at North River Body Therapies since 2015 and is honored to be a teacher at their new yoga studio, A Little Twisted Yoga Studio!!


Lara Malone

Lara has been a fitness leader since before she could drive. Fitness, wellness, nutrition, & yoga have been a love of hers for many years, even during her 21 year elementary teaching career. In 2012 she decided to leave the high-stress world of special education and devote herself full time to wellness. She is a graduate of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Denver, American Council on Exercise for group exercise instruction, Behavior Change Coaching, & Personal Training; She attended Shambhava at Shoshoni in Colorado for her 200YT intensive yoga training receiving training in both Hatha Yoga & meditation; & has her PhD from the College of Natural Health in Natural health & Holistic Nutrition.She has specialized training in kickboxing, strength, aqua exercises, arthritis, and flexibIlity. She has special understanding of those struggling with diabetes, eating problems, body image, and healing/recovery. Helping other people fall in love with feeling healthier is her passion.


Angelica Ridley

Angelica began practicing yoga in 2008 looking for a way to find peace within. It was after she surrendered into savasana, finding softness and stillness, that she fell in love with yoga. In 2015 she decided to sign up for a local 200 hour yoga teacher training for self-development. It was then that she discovered her dharma, her purpose, to help others find peace and fulfillment within themselves. Angelica continued her advanced yoga training and has been teaching ever since. She enjoys practicing and teaching a variety of classes although finds herself drawn to more therapeutic movement. It is her intention to hold a safe space for her students, so that they feel supported and free of all expectations, and feel inspired to discover their own ways of being. She is a Yoga Alliance RYT 500, RCYT(Registered Children's Yoga Teacher) and Reiki Master. Angelica is also creator of handmade Malas, SoulShine Designs, sold at the studio.


Grace Briggs

Grace was introduced to yoga about five years ago. Having tried an at home video or two a few years before that, her first in studio class really took hold of her. It was the first time she felt her mind calm. After that yoga became a regular in her life. Eventually she felt drawn to gain a deeper understanding of the practice & wanted to share yoga with others. Three years ago she made her way Costa Rica to gain her 200hr teaching certification through Passion Yoga School. More than gaining a certification, it brought this heart opening awareness she had never experienced. Grace’s classes focus on the breath, mind & body awareness, as well as self love & acceptance. 

If you show up and breathe, you can do yoga.


Gerry Hurtig

"Karma" introduced me to yoga or perhaps it was yoga to me.  While sitting at a cafe in 2012 with my wife, we were talking about ways to help me stress brought on by the daily demands of the corporate world.  As I glanced over my shoulder I saw a sign advertising a yoga basics class starting later that week.  I signed up immediately and never looked back as I found my life changing into something bigger and deeperthan I had ever imagined.  I went on to deepen my practice thru reading and by attending workshops and regular classes.  Looking for even more and a way to spread my knowledge and new found love of yoga with others, I became certified to teach in 2016 by graduating  from a 200-hour integrated Vinyasa teacher training and immediately was hired as a teacher.  I furthered my teacher trainings over the years receiving further certifications in Chair Yoga, Senior Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Gentle Low Back Care Yoga.  I have been teaching to all ages groups since I retired from the corporate world and have the honor of meeting so many new friends as I share my passion of yoga with them.  My journey continues with my personal belief that "we get to ourselves thru ourselves".  Join me on the mat or the chair wherever you may be on your yoga journey to share the discovery of your breath, mind and body in a fun and light-hearted way.


Carol Klein

Born in Manhattan, Carol has been exposed to the finest dance and yoga training. A certified dance educator, she also holds certifications in Sampoorna, Hatha Yoga, Basi Mat Pilates, Zumba, and Aqua Zumba. While living at an Ashram and training with her Guru Sri Yogi Hari, she became enchanted with metabolic Sampoorna Yoga. When she discovered adding this format, it cured her hypothyroidism. Carol’s Basi Mat Pilates certification is based on the original works of Joseph Pilates and she is passionate about her core practice which she discovered at a young age as part of her dance training in NY.  Carol has performed for NY Jets and NJ Nets halftime show but her most rewarding accomplishment was owning her dance and yoga center in NY for 33 years inspiriting thousands of students! Currently working for Fitness Pro Travel, she also teaches at several super clubs in Mexico and the Caribbean.


Diane Maguire

Diane took her first yoga class in 2004. It was love at first class. She was hooked! She went on to take her teacher training at Garden of the Heart Yoga studio in Sarasota in 2005. She has had wonderful teachers: Betsey Downing, Jaye Martin. She has also taken many workshops with various teachers such as; Todd Norian, Desiree Rumbagh, Sienna Sherman, Amy Ippoliti, Roger Cole and Douglas Brooks to name a few. Diane has been teaching in the Sarasota and Bradenton area and has been teaching at LA Fitness since 2013.


Magdalena Fielding


After  studying psychology in the Netherlands where I was raised, I moved to  Florida and eventually became the general manager of an international  multi-million-dollar company. Needless to say, heavy-weight  responsibilities and stress came with that heavy-weight title. After  12.5 years of dedication and success, at the end of 2016, I retired from  the company.  After so many years of stress and sacrifice, I decided to pursue my passion for yoga and fill my life and others with joy,  enlightenment and wellness. 

I  have had a long love for the 26/2 hot yoga hatha series, which I have  been practicing for over 10 years. 

This  mentality has lead me to study and compete with top marks in  gymnastics, tae kwon do and bodybuilding. I also participated in the  2007 Annual Yoga Asana Regionals and placed 3rd for the state of Florida. 

At the end of 2016, I signed up for 2 back-to-back 200hr Hatha yoga teacher training courses; ThaVma Method Hot Yoga and 26/2 Premium Hot Yoga at  ThaVma Yoga Studio (Lakewood Ranch, Florida). These were led by its  owner & head instructor, Mrs. Marina Bourantonis. She provided a  challenge to the athlete and student in me. Her approach to yoga with a  focus on injury recovery and prevention work, with the detailed study of  anatomy, alignment and injury types, put an intense spin on her  advanced level yoga teacher training.

In  January of 2019 I took my third 200hr teacher training. This training  was offered by Where Boats Go with owner & head instructor Marina  Traub, as well as Mandy Main and Jaye Martin. This broadened my scope of  teaching tools to include Vinyasa Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga & Yin Yoga. During this yoga teacher training the athlete and the student in me were once again challenged, but this time the spiritual self-reflective sides of me were as well.

About Us


Jenny Greene


Jenny is a certified yoga instructor with 300 hours of training from  Aura Wellness Center and an additional 200 hours from Yoga Bradenton.   Yoga began several years ago for Jenny as just a physical practice to  relieve physical pain stemming from years of distance running and high  intensity, high impact workouts. However, after practicing for only a  few months, she began to notice the mental and spiritual benefits of  yoga as well and began to incorporate a more well-rounded practice.  Desiring to share the life-changing benefits of yoga with others, Jenny  became an instructor; she enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga, Flow, and Power  Yoga as well as gentle and beginner yoga.

Jenny has a desire to help those interested in yoga but scared to come  to the mat for any number of reasons, She truly believes there is a  place for everyone within yoga and aims to create an inclusive, non  judgmental, and safe space for all students of all levels of practice,  while also having a little fun while on the mat. 


Holly Schafer

Practice of:  Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative 


I began my yoga journey at the age of 52 after a shoulder injury.  My doctors encouraged me to practice the healing art of yoga, but as I went               to different studios, I was lost. I became an instructor because I felt that I               did not understand this practice, which focused not only on the physical but             the mental world. When the opportunity of getting my certification arrived,           I did it to understand what to do, learn terminology, and, most importantly,             to embrace what the doctors were telling me to do. I never had the intent               to teach. Little did I know, I was going to want to share this world with                anyone and everyone I brushed across in life. Now, my only “exercise”            regiment is yoga. In the past 5 years, I have had the opportunity of              teaching on the beaches of the Florida Keys, in beautiful parks beside            manicured pools, as well as in calming studios, allowing me to continue to             grow in my practice and in my strength. This in turn allows me to share my                practice with the goal of bettering myself as well as those around me. I              always say, “Just because we get older, does not mean we have to roll              over and bury ourselves.” I focus on modification and meeting people           where they are in their health both physically and mentally. We all have             something to share and I am grateful everyday, I found mine. 




Roxanne Beckner

Bio coming soon.


Karissa Seeberger

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Dina Holmlund

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